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Car Cleaning

Winter Cleaning - Keeping You Vehicle Clean And Protected In Harsh Weather

Vehicles across the country will struggle against winter's fury this season, with snowfall, sub-zero temperatures and howling winds. The build-up of snow, slush and salt can damage paint, metal and fabric, producing mildew, odor and corrosion. Over time, these effects can cause premature aging and a sharp decline in the investment value of the vehicle.

Ziebart International Corporation is a world leader in automotive aftermarket accessories and services; and offers the following 6 tips to help you preserve and protect your car or truck:

1. Thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle.
Vacuum to remove all accumulated dirt and grime. This will help extend the life of the upholstery and enhance vehicle appearance.

2. Professionally deodorize the vehicle's interior
Dampness will have collected from excessive rainfall. Over time, this will cause mildew and corrosion. Having the vehicle professionally deodorized will neutralize odors and revitalize the fabric.

3. Apply fabric and carpet protector
...to repel dirt and help the fabric last longer.

4. Use extreme caution
...when cleaning dirt and dust from the instrument panel cluster on the interior of the vehicle. It is made of plastic and will scratch easily. Use a soft cotton cloth and multi-use glass cleaner without ammonia to wipe these instruments off gently.

5. Polish out scratches on the vehicle's exterior.
Throughout the rainy season, vehicles are taken through countless professional car washes to remove dirt and grime. These materials collect on the brushes and may become abrasive to your car. It is important to polish out the resulting scratches and reapply wax that has been stripped off. The sealant will protect the vehicle throughout the spring and summer.

6. Use a mild detergent mixed with water, remove corrosive materials from the door and trunk jams with a sponge, wash mitt or soft cloth.
A car wash is unable to reach the door and trunk jams, which collect moisture, dirt and grime. As a result, their seals can loosen, causing water to seep into the interior of the vehicle and trunk. Special attention should be given to the bottom of the door, which is especially prone to rust.

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